23 February 2018

Curling and the Bible

Ah Friday, glad to see you!

After two weeks of a bad dose of the cold, I’ve spent a substantial amount of my Friday morning lounging on the sofa watching the women’s curling semi finals. #winter Olympics #hardluckGB
Looks like bowling to me only more fun with all that sliding about on the ice although you’d think for the Olympics they would have bowling shoes that were even just a little less ugly but no. I do envy the shoulder strength those girls must have - impressive brush skills. Wonder how you learn to do that? I did wonder out loud on Twitter whether someone might be available to speed brush the rest of my day for me - me being the heavy lump of granite sliding to a dead halt. (Turns out the scoring zone in curling is called the ‘house’. Happy coincidence, my sofa is right in the middle. I win.)
A wishful thought crossed my mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone glide through life right beside you, start to finish, brushing the path energetically like the curlers do.
Oh, now that is a thought! Maybe we do.

13 February 2018

New Life:Reflections for Lent

As many of you will already know, I have had the wonderful opportunity of being a

contributor to a new book published by the Association of Christian Writers. It is an honour

to be part of the ACW team who have produced a devotional book that will take you through

the season of Lent with a wide variety of Bible based meditations under the heading of New


A preview is available here over on the right hand side of the page or by clicking on the link

below and if you think it's something you would like to use as part of your journey towards

Easter this year, I will see you in week 5!

Until then, every blessing in your reading journey with God. 

'New Life:Reflections for Lent ' by ACW is out now, available on Amazon to order or to



31 December 2017


Photo by Jeremy Beck on Unsplash

Youth leader asks, ‘What is a New Year’s resolution?’
Hands up.
Answer, ‘Something you want to accomplish in the next year.’
An impressed congregation raises a collective eyebrow at the eight year old’s vocabulary skills (fist bump Maghaberry Primary School – oh yeah)
‘So who wants to share their resolution for the year? Anyone?’