22 July 2017

Who Do You Say God Is?

And it’s over for another year! We wave goodbye to CSSM 2017. No tears this time, we’re getting too old for that – by the time you’re a Cruiser and a Liner, you don’t hold your mum’s hand on the way in and you don’t cry on the way out but that does not mean we didn’t have a fabulous time as always.

It may be a kid’s mission but I never come away from this fortnight empty handed.

3 July 2017

The Discomfort of Holiday Bible Club

‘Were you out of your comfort zone?’ says youth leader.

‘Yes,’ I reply with definite tone and raised eyebrow.

‘Good,’ says he whilst wiping the nausea inducing, stomach churning contents of a plastic basin into the bin.

Final night and clean-up complete, I stepped out of the week’s discomfort zone of the pre-teen, YouTube world and into the welcome, if slightly chilly embrace of the summer holidays. I drove away from another year of Holiday Bible Club, simultaneously making a mental list of books to pack in my suitcase and chewing over the events of the past week.

21 May 2017

A Tribute To Children's Day

There is one day in the church year when it is completely fine to stand at the front and pick your nose.

It is completely fine to play air guitar with abandon and it is completely fine to dance a rhythmic yet mainly uncoordinated dance. 

It is also completely fine to have a rugby line-out and to have a huge rugby audience cheer when the ball is caught.

It is completely fine to sing totally out of tune, very loudly and also to do this only for the chorus because they’re the only words you remember, so for the verses you wave at your granny instead.

There is one day in the church year that we call Children’s Day.